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About us


The family comes from the south-west of Iceland.


The father is Industrial technologist of education and trained sports instructor. His wife is educated in technical drawing and a learned Cranio practitioner.


Their oldest daughter is a shoes and accessories designer and learned yoga instructor and the son and the youngest daughter are college students. 


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The beginning


Livebread, by Sivakur ltd., was established in the late 90’s by an athletics coach in Mosfellsbær, a small town in the southwest of Iceland.


One day, realizing the family was out of bread, he decided to try and make one from scratch for his children. While impulsively mixing ingredients in a bowl he was intent on not only making the bread tasty, but healthy as well. In his mind, that entailed pure, trans-fat-free ingredients, no additives, such as baking powder, and no preservatives whatsoever. The bread turned out to be of such quality that neither toppings nor butter were needed. Nevertheless, butter remains an option, each to their own taste.


As the young people grew to like the bread, they took to calling it Livebread. Soon the coach started baking the bread for his athletes to have before, and after, tournaments.


Nowadays, Sivakur offers various flavours of the artisan bread. The ingredients remain of the highest quality, with the different spices being hand-picked in the Icelandic nature, anywhere from the sea level to the highlands. The organic barley is grown in the east of Iceland by Móðir Jörð (Mother Earth), the wheat in the south (close to the infamous Eyjafjallajökull) by Þorvaldseyri, and both wheat and oats in the north-west Icelandic horse-country, by Akrar.


Even though the business has grown the supply chain is kept as simple as possible. Frozen dough is picked up by distributors that deliver to various health oriented or slow-food restaurants. The Livebread is baked on-location ensuring the delivery of the fresh Icelandic nature to the customers.


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The contents

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The frozen bread dough is made from slow grown and nutritious Icelandic wheat, oats, barley, and wild, hand-picked Icelandic herbs.


The product contains neither yeast nor eggs and no added preservatives. The product is frozen and packed in practical piping bags, each containing 1 kg. Unopened the bags can be stored in the freezer for 12 months and after opening, the dough lasts unbaked for three days if stored in a cold place. Livebread being delivered in this practical manner enables costumers to serve healthy, freshly-baked bread on a short notice.


The product has been on the market in Iceland since 2006 and is enjoyed by health-conscious people of all ages.

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From the island of Iceland


Iceland is known, worldwide, for its nature. The fresh winds, clear skies, volcanic fires, and moonlike landscape. A further source of pride for Icelanders is the naturally clean water, drinkable straight from the tab, without any pre-processing. With high quality ingredients in abundance, from see and land, Icelandic produce is similarly known for its wholesomeness.

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Frozen dough

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The product is made from slow grown nutritious, Icelandic grain and wild hand-picked herbs. It contains neither yeast nor eggs and no added preservatives.


The product is frozen and packed in practical piping bags, enabling the user to serve healthy freshly baked bread on a short notice.

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